Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday Junk

One thing I love to do with a Saturday is to go exploring antique/ junk shops. There is just something about the ones around Greenwood that I love. There must be some real crazies around here with all the wild stuff I find. Which might not say much for me since I buy it. Regardless, it makes for a good Saturday, and luckily I have a friend who also loves to waste afternoons laughing about creepy Christmas tree angels.
I wasn't looking for anything in particular this trip, nor do I need anything extra for my current house. But I am always on the lookout for future project supplies or fun happies. Just a few things that caught my eye.. and wanted to come home with me.

Wow. That's fuzzy, sorry. I loved the lines on this piece.. it would work so well in that hard to fit space between doors. It had wonderful little pulls and the finish was in great condition.

Did you shudder at the fabric? It's pretty bad. But those lines are great! I want this so very badly. And I want it reupolstered- probably in something equally as loud or a pretty blue velvet. The price was ridiculous. Anyone need a loveseat???

This was the most wonderful needlepoint pillow backed with the softest dark green velvet. For once, I do not need pillows. Want, yes. Need, no. So it stayed at the shop. ......for now.

Could you imagine framing this handsome couple in a more modern frame, and them moving into your home? I thought about it more than once.

I did bring a few little goodies home. Normal ones.

 I have posted the pair of pillow that my mother made in home- ec... the teal and mustard.. so when I spotted this little emerald one, I knew it needed to join the party.

I went through a phase a year or so ago when I read my horoscope everyday. Then I realized what I was reading was dictating my day, so I stopped. I am an aries, and I truly do fit the bill. This little ram caught my eye years ago on a similar trip. It is an Avon bottle of perfume, I realized as I spilt it all over me that day. It stayed in the store, but I was so happy to see it this past week!

I loved this plate, so I got two. It reminds me of a very happy wallpaper I plan on using at some point in my life. But for now.. I have a $4 plate.

Any favorite antiquing travels in your future? Any great places near me I might not know about?
Are you still thinking about that loveseat???
I am. And my birthday is coming up.


  1. That plate looks just like a set of Marbro lamps I found at a thrift store and resold for 100x the price I paid.... love. Who doesn't love a good junk day!

  2. Nice interior decoration and interior furnishing!