Friday, March 8, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Photography

When I think about purchasing art for myself, I think about about long term. Will I still love this in 10 years.. 20 years. Maybe not as much as I do now, but will I be able to look at the piece and happily be reminded of a time in my life.
I like interesting art. Things that make you think or talk. Photography is one of favorite mediums. There are two incredible photographs on my wish list... ones that can hold their on in a room. Ones that I relate to and that make me think.
Available Framed at TurnRow Books, hint hint
This piece by Langdon Clay is gorgeous to me. Like any other child riding in the backseat of their parents car, I was always startled- but not scared- to see fields burning, and I can remember my father would explain the reasoning behind it. I can still smell it.

I went to a show at the Dixon in Memphis a few weeks ago and fell for this photograph. Who of my Memphis friends wouldn't know this dance floor?? Raiford's Hollywood Disco was a mere block and a half from my first apartment in the big city and I spent many a night dancing to Prince with a Forty in hand. The color and light are spot on- and I love the geometry of the whole piece.

Two totally different photographs. Day and Night, if you will. I think good art makes you think and makes you remember. Both of these do it for me.

So there you go. Enjoy your Friday. Check out some original art. Grab your camera and create.


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