Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Four Tuesday

Sometimes I think of announcing my retirement from the blogging world, and then something  four things inspire me and I'm back.
Here are some things that have been striking my fancy lately.. in a very traditional way. I am far from a truly traditional decorator/ dresser/ person in general, but there are just some things that are classic. And if done right, can be unique and fabulous.


Beautiful blue and white ginger jars.. I love the crisp classic style. A pair on a mantle is a pretty big impact, but I love the look of an overabundance of them on a round table. It's not just the jars either. I think I might need to mix these into my collection. Wouldn't they look great with McCarty and fun bright glassware?

Not to be used as an ashtray.. but I can't quit thinking about this great brass tray! Brass in general is catching my eye these days honestly. Drawer pulls, trays, door knockers, these napkin rings... 

Changing metallics a bit.. I have been thinking of bringing in more personal photos into my home. I love the look of beautiful silver frames gathered together.

Source: houzz.com via MaryNeff on Pinterest

Finally, I am jumping on the Leontine Linens bandwagon. (I can hear my mother tell me I can jump right on off) I feel I might need a pair. In red. But not the bedspread- We know that Frida takes her naps there.

Well there you go.. Hope you have a great day! 

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