Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Room Outside

One warm day around here, and I am dreaming about outside rooms and screened porches. I love being outside, though I hate a mosquito with all of my being. So screens are key in an outside space.
"Real" furniture makes an outside space an extension of your home. No more plastic chairs or wrought iron sets! I want to have a space that I can curl up and relax. These are a few of my favorites...

Those daybeds are calling for afternoon naps. I love the curtains too.

Such fun fabric! I might mix it up a little bit, but blue and white goes a long way with me.

The geometric framework is awesome. And while this is a little minimal for my taste, I love both of these pieces for their uniqueness. Why not have a crazy round birdcage?

There is not a piece in this space that you couldn't have inside your house. I love it. 
Accessorizing a porch or outside room is important too- This coming from the girl with an oil painting in her carport. Lamps, art, rugs all need to find a home, but make sure they are durable and definitely not priceless!

Another must- have on my imaginary porch?

This is where you will find me... 

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  1. i love the island style! you have good taste in this matter.