Thursday, February 14, 2013

Secretary Day

I am totally aware that it is Valentine's Day and not Secretary's day, but ever since I posted that lovely little Tory Birch S earlier this week, I have been thinking that A. eventually, it will be mine and B. where would I love to keep it?
One day I will have a beautiful antique secretary to fill with all of my odd loves.

I remember when my mother got hers. Now she has two and surely doesn't need both. I still love looking at the pretty things inside. {Look, don't touch}. I also love mixing the antique with the modern, of course, so images like this make me very happy.

Antiques and Lucite are made for each other.

Of course, the gorgeous pieces of Opaline are the perfect pops of color.
Other things I would put in my secretary with my lucite S?
Favorite books and a collection of other peoples' silver trophies.

Lovely pieces of art. 

And a small piece of taxidermy.
Too much crazy? Nah.
Happy Valentines.

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  1. That is so funny with the squirrel!! Love the secretaries.