Friday, February 8, 2013

Dream Island

I love dreaming about my next house. Not that I do not love the one I am in now, but things change and sometimes it is time to move on...
So the next house. There are so many things I want in the next house. And while I have embraced lighter and whiter colors into my life, I'm still a sucker for a bold hue.
That is why I am obsessed with this kitchen island.

Now, imagine this with white cabinets and walls and a beautiful bright rug. That might be the perfect color teal. The shelves are just enough. The drawer pulls are the greatest bit of brass. The seating is able to wrap around. And oh, that marble counter top.
I would cook here.
Dinner once a week- that's the new deal.

1 comment:

  1. I'm playing catch-up this evening. This kitchen is amazing...the light fixtures, island, stools, and use of different shades of teal & blue! All of it. I totally wouldn't kick it out of my next house :} And CONGRATS on your half-marathon!!!