Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Room Outside

One warm day around here, and I am dreaming about outside rooms and screened porches. I love being outside, though I hate a mosquito with all of my being. So screens are key in an outside space.
"Real" furniture makes an outside space an extension of your home. No more plastic chairs or wrought iron sets! I want to have a space that I can curl up and relax. These are a few of my favorites...

Those daybeds are calling for afternoon naps. I love the curtains too.

Such fun fabric! I might mix it up a little bit, but blue and white goes a long way with me.

The geometric framework is awesome. And while this is a little minimal for my taste, I love both of these pieces for their uniqueness. Why not have a crazy round birdcage?

There is not a piece in this space that you couldn't have inside your house. I love it. 
Accessorizing a porch or outside room is important too- This coming from the girl with an oil painting in her carport. Lamps, art, rugs all need to find a home, but make sure they are durable and definitely not priceless!

Another must- have on my imaginary porch?

This is where you will find me... 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am ready for spring. I am over coats. Over running pants. Ready for flowers and crawfish and sitting outside. It has been a nice week though, and here are the things that are making me smile..

The boys rooms I have been working on for a few months are finally finished. All they were lacking were light fixtures but we are up and running now and I couldn't be happier.

I can't decide which one I like better! The rooms are so different from each other, but suit the boys to a tee.
We had a huge rain last night that I took as a good excuse to stay home, drink tea and read design books.

Do you have Big Easy Style by Bryan Batt? I have always been a fan of his store, Hazelnut, on Magazine Street.. and of course of his show, Mad Men. It is my new favorite book.. a happy souvenir from a New Orleans trip that is incredibly inspiring. Some of my favorite spaces with traditional mixed with something a little "off": 

Spring Fever also has me ready for new clothes.. especially this top.

and this bag... 

What's making you happy these days?Anything you are craving other than warmer weather?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Secretary Day

I am totally aware that it is Valentine's Day and not Secretary's day, but ever since I posted that lovely little Tory Birch S earlier this week, I have been thinking that A. eventually, it will be mine and B. where would I love to keep it?
One day I will have a beautiful antique secretary to fill with all of my odd loves.

I remember when my mother got hers. Now she has two and surely doesn't need both. I still love looking at the pretty things inside. {Look, don't touch}. I also love mixing the antique with the modern, of course, so images like this make me very happy.

Antiques and Lucite are made for each other.

Of course, the gorgeous pieces of Opaline are the perfect pops of color.
Other things I would put in my secretary with my lucite S?
Favorite books and a collection of other peoples' silver trophies.

Lovely pieces of art. 

And a small piece of taxidermy.
Too much crazy? Nah.
Happy Valentines.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday

Whew. What a week. I've survived office changes, article deadlines, 13.1 miles of running!, and a quick trip to Memphis.  And other than the piece of king cake I have already had this morning, here are the 5 thing making me smile.. and giving me a case of the wants.

I'm loving these lucite letters from Tory Birch.. I have a vintage N from my sister- in- law but since I will be needing an S come May.. this one is calling my name :) It's not super tall though, so would fit great into a bookshelf.

I bought myself a super fabulous happy to congratulate myself on completing my first half- marathon. I have been a long time lover of Brave Design and the fabulous women behind it. They posted this necklace, and I KNEW it had to be mine! Follow them on Facebook.

I'm ready to move on from the black and white chevron rug in my dining room. It has had a good run, but since Frida sunbathes on it in the afternoons, it has also seen its day. 
While I know I should wait.. we also know I get super impatient. I would love to find something like this. 

I love a good gigantic piece of artwork, and I have a new John-Richard one in my sights. The colors are stunning.. and it is a showstopper at 8 feet tall.
And since anything snakeskin is good stuff in my book, I'm definitely loving these benches. 
Two tucked under my black console?? Yes, please and thank you. 

Have a great Mardi Gras!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dream Island

I love dreaming about my next house. Not that I do not love the one I am in now, but things change and sometimes it is time to move on...
So the next house. There are so many things I want in the next house. And while I have embraced lighter and whiter colors into my life, I'm still a sucker for a bold hue.
That is why I am obsessed with this kitchen island.

Now, imagine this with white cabinets and walls and a beautiful bright rug. That might be the perfect color teal. The shelves are just enough. The drawer pulls are the greatest bit of brass. The seating is able to wrap around. And oh, that marble counter top.
I would cook here.
Dinner once a week- that's the new deal.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Four Tuesday

Sometimes I think of announcing my retirement from the blogging world, and then something  four things inspire me and I'm back.
Here are some things that have been striking my fancy lately.. in a very traditional way. I am far from a truly traditional decorator/ dresser/ person in general, but there are just some things that are classic. And if done right, can be unique and fabulous.


Beautiful blue and white ginger jars.. I love the crisp classic style. A pair on a mantle is a pretty big impact, but I love the look of an overabundance of them on a round table. It's not just the jars either. I think I might need to mix these into my collection. Wouldn't they look great with McCarty and fun bright glassware?

Not to be used as an ashtray.. but I can't quit thinking about this great brass tray! Brass in general is catching my eye these days honestly. Drawer pulls, trays, door knockers, these napkin rings... 

Changing metallics a bit.. I have been thinking of bringing in more personal photos into my home. I love the look of beautiful silver frames gathered together.

Source: houzz.com via MaryNeff on Pinterest

Finally, I am jumping on the Leontine Linens bandwagon. (I can hear my mother tell me I can jump right on off) I feel I might need a pair. In red. But not the bedspread- We know that Frida takes her naps there.

Well there you go.. Hope you have a great day!