Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brotherly Love.

I have had the best time with my latest project.. and it is almost time to pull it all together. I was hired to design two brothers bedrooms.
Two totally different brothers but both adorable and with good ideas of what they wanted.

First.. the hunter. This seven year old killed his first deer this season and is super pumped. He asked for either bunk beds (parents said no) or a tree stand (I might have flinched). I think he will be happy regardless. We started with a great lamp made of deer sheds and added to it with this..

That bedding just does it for me.. and we know I love a cowhide. I think he will dig that the most.
With white walls that needed to stay, we added color to a desk that has been passed down form grandfather to father and now to son. We used a bright hunter's orange but super toned down with a dark stain and a lot of distressing.

The older brother was the opposite of the spectrum. This twelve year old has STYLE and a great collection of items to work with. He wanted a luxury hotel suite. The mother is adding in a very modern flat gas fireplace and a flat screen tv for Christmas. He has a beautiful queen bed with a high headboard and we are pulling in a red leather chair. Just to add to the richness, we are going with masculine grays and pattern and lots of black and white photography.
That plaid fabric and the felt pendant are running a tight race for favorites. Lots of nickle finishes and layers- I think anyone would love to check into this suite.
I'm dying to start pulling everything together..
All before Christmas!
Keep your fingers crossed.

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