Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh, Hello.

I didn't realize I had been gone.. for two whole months. Whoops.
Honestly, I was burned out. Completely, utterly, over the blog world. I wasn't even reading yours. I needed a break.
But let's try this again.
I missed you. I missed telling you random things. I missed my camera.

But it was actually this photo.. and I realized I wanted to talk about it. We'll call it "The Pin that got Mary Neff out of her rut".

Isn't this space awesome? High ceilings, tall windows, that mirror back there? Those filled bookshelves really do it for me, but it is also the symmetry/ asymmetry of everything. The balance of the chairs and sconces contrasted with the more minimal left side. It allows for the little bit of clutter that we all secretly love, while keeping it all under control. 

Now for another question. Is it completely vain to want a portrait of oneself? What are your thoughts about hanging one in a public space in your home.
I would OWN IT.
Why not?

1 comment:

  1. Well, now that you've seen the slideshow pics you can totally tell that I'm a portrait fan. However, I guess I personally could also hide behind the fact that I'm flanked with my children on either side of me.....but nevertheless L-O-V-E a portrait whateva the case!