Friday, November 30, 2012

My Home for the Holidays

Do you dread decorating for Christmas? Sadly, I do. I think every year, What if I didn't put up the tree? What if I didn't do the dining table? 

But it takes one ornament. 
One light. 
One disco ball. 
And I'm all over it.
Christmas Spirit Extravaganza! 

So here you go... 
My Home for the Holidays.
Bring on the Nog!  


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

It is my all time favorite week out of the year--Parade Week! If I can only make it til Friday...
Here are some other things that are making me smile this week:

I decided on a color and painted the guest bathroom during my blog hiatus, and I am still loving the choice. It is Santa Monica Blue by Benjamin Moore- the same color as my kitchen. I love that they are the same since there are windows into both rooms from the back yard. Everything looks cohesive.
Since I have company coming this weekend- it needs a little sprucing up this week!
I made this soup last night. So delicious! And it really cannot get much easier than opening cans. It is the perfect soup weather this week. Yay for leftovers!
Frida has been practicing for her Christmas Card photo shoot. She has really nailed down that "far away" stare. Not what we were going for, girl.
Source: via MaryNeff on Pinterest
I'm working on a project for two boy's bedrooms- one of which will be a rustic hunting camp style. I cannot wait to present these this week. And I really hope that this fixture will get to go in there!
My house is decorated for Christmas! I will post more photos this week. I have been playing around with my camera to really capture the light. Isn't this wild? A tripod is the only way to go.
I used this post if you want to play around with your big girl camera too.
Have a great Tuesday. And stay warm!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday.

Can anyone tell me what has happened to 2012? It is so hard to believe it is now holiday season, but I am thrilled.
2012 has rocked it out so far, and I have a feeling the next six weeks won't let me down. Weddings, parties, a little weekend away- I just want to savor every little second.
Here are the five things making me smile this week..

Loving this pillow! If I can get a new rug for my dining room (it's on my list!), I might finally add one more pattern to the living room on the sofa. Those pom- poms make me happy!

Planning vacations is the best. Especially to one of my favorite homes away from home! Restaurant choices are blowing my mind, with only three meals to squeeze in. 

It's so close to Christmas tree time! I ordered a new one this year.. (I don't want to hear your gasps about artificial trees). Taller, more natural looking, than the old one, plus the lights should all work!
I cannot wait to start decorating and hanging up the disco balls!

I found another wall covering to obsess over. I have decided to hold off on papering anything in my house right now. I love this design though.. it reminds me of my favorite new John-Richard piece:
Love them both! 
What is it with migrating birds? Maybe it is a sign of a great journey ahead? I'm ok with that!

Happy Tuesday!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Outdoor Dining.. One Day

The search is over.. finally.. for an outdoor rug.

I found this on OpenSky.. Have you ever ordered from that site?
It was a little touch and go with the customer service department. Shipping took way longer than they said, plus they were super slow about responding to my questions. 
Regardless, this was from Emily Henderson's collection, and I couldn't be happier. I chose black over the blue.. though that was really beautiful too.


I love the new oilcloth seats with the black and white. 
The whole set- up seems more like an actual room now. 

Pardon the leaves everywhere.. Fall has officially happened in Mississippi. So, of course, I am just enjoying this little area for its view now. Way to chilly to eat outside.

What do you think? I am considering another for under the "living" area of the patio just to tie everything together.. 
Rugs usually do that, you know.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh, Hello.

I didn't realize I had been gone.. for two whole months. Whoops.
Honestly, I was burned out. Completely, utterly, over the blog world. I wasn't even reading yours. I needed a break.
But let's try this again.
I missed you. I missed telling you random things. I missed my camera.

But it was actually this photo.. and I realized I wanted to talk about it. We'll call it "The Pin that got Mary Neff out of her rut".

Isn't this space awesome? High ceilings, tall windows, that mirror back there? Those filled bookshelves really do it for me, but it is also the symmetry/ asymmetry of everything. The balance of the chairs and sconces contrasted with the more minimal left side. It allows for the little bit of clutter that we all secretly love, while keeping it all under control. 

Now for another question. Is it completely vain to want a portrait of oneself? What are your thoughts about hanging one in a public space in your home.
I would OWN IT.
Why not?