Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

Ahhhhh. The day after Labor Day. Is it fall yet? I am ready for sweater- weather, I know that. Not coats though. They can hold off for a while.
But even though I sweat through 93 degree weather today, there are 5 things that are making me smil.e

Essie's Chinchilly polish. I bought this during the summer since it worked with my grey J. Crew swimsuit but I am rocking it now preparing for cooler weather.

Source: essie.com via Nadleska on Pinterest

I laughed after I posted this picture last Thursday, since I didn't realize it was showing the wall paper I had just purchased the night before from Urban Outfitters! I know, I finally bit the bullet and picked a pattern. We'll just see where it is going. Guest bath? Butler's pantry? I'm accepting opinions at this time.

Dreamhouse bathroom tile?
Found it.
Calcutta Gold Marble. The combination of grey and gold is heavenly.

So glad I can mark that off the list.

Sometimes my phone likes to take pictures by itself. Or do screen captures when I'm trying to turn it off. Or not giving me the option of hanging up a phone call.
Uggg. It did take this picture on its own though, so it's forgiven for now.
We were fast like the wind.
I'm also half heartedly shopping for a crazy chandelier for my office. Something gold, glam and out of the 70's. Sounds fun, right?

It is very hard to get going this morning! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and has an even better week. I keep telling myself...It's only four days!


  1. Hey there! I meant to tell you next time you feel like venturing into the crazy Park Avenue street fair/ flea market called "David's Interiors" shoot me a text. I'd love to go with you sometime! We can go have a margarita after as well! I don't know why it's a little intimidating for me to go in there alone....haha
    I just remember you have found some "treasures" from time to time in there and I think maybe I could too with a keen eye with me. We'd have fun! Have a great week!

    1. I LOVE that crazy place! There are some amazing lamps in there right now I am dying for. We need to set a date soon.. and I am definitely in for margaritas after

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