Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gallery Over-do

I love a gallery wall.
Who doesn't? I created my first one sometime around 2004 in the hallway of my teeny Midtown Memphis apartment because I had entirely too much framed art.. and then even had the one in Columbus published around 2008.

I've moved from a wall to a hall. This house was begging for it, and it is forever one of my favorite spots. I really think these walls can be a great way to show your creativeness while living around things you love.

I stick with the whole "white frame/ black mat" school of thought. I guess that's from my art student years, when everything had to have that "artsy" look. But it's a free- for-all on what is actually framed. 
I think one cohesive idea is very important.. whether all black and white photography,

Source: via Alexa on Pinterest

all portraits.. 
Source: via Kait on Pinterest

though if you know what you're doing, a more bohemian look can most definitely work.

But I'm not just recapping my love. Why am I standing on my soapbox?
Over doing the gallery wall. Honestly, it cannot be done in every room in your house! Especially not in rooms near each other. Too many "littles" start to look junky and cluttered. And no one wants that, right? You need blank walls to let your eyes rest a little bit.
Start investing in larger pieces. Save money and buy things you love... real ones, not knock-offs (but that's a whole 'nother rant in itself).
That's my friendly advice. Thanks for listening. I'll step down now.

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