Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

Happy Last Day of my Mini Break! I have run 4 miles, had a nice breakfast and am getting ready to have a massage at the Alluvian Spa.
If that wasnt' enough to make me happy, here are 5 more that are making me smile today:

A bowl of turtle houses. My father sent me another one (don'tthinkabouttheturtle) to add to the collection. I found this bowl at HomeGoods yesterday to originally use for fruit or salad, but it seems like this is a much better option.

Source: lowes.com via MaryNeff on Pinterest

A kelly green Chippendale screen door. Don't you love the sound of a screen door slamming? Wouldn't you love for it to look like this? Can you believe you can get it at LOWE'S??

My mother and I went for a delicious lunch yesterday in Jackson at Anjou. Not only was the food awesome, this floor was beautiful. From the touch, I think it is a linolium copper tile set in the hardwood. It would seem like a lot going on, but it really worked in the space.

I'm moving lamps around in the house again. We'll see about this, but for now, it's working.

I'm working on a big guest bathroom project that required all of this. Hopefully I will be able to show finished photos by Friday.
Until then, Happy Tuesday!

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