Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Tip

I am on a big "getting things done" kick right now. I was so uninspired to do ANYthing for so long that I am really having a blast these days!
One issue I was having was with my kitchen rug. "Sweet Ruffin" had his way with it a month or so ago, so it has been cleaned and airing out for a few weeks. And the rug pad? Thown away. I hated that thing anyway. It was always peeking out from underneath the rug.
I pinned this little tip a few months ago, and I was so happy to find out that it actually worked!
Simple clear silicone... which I chose to get in the tube instead of digging out my caulking gun.

 And with a steady hand (it really doesn't matter) I applied lines of gel across the back of the rug..

After several hours of dry time outside..
TA-DA! The rug now stays in place!

Except for when Frida has a running start. Then no one is safe..
This is definitely just to be used with small, lightweight rugs by the way. This rug might be boarderline too big, but anything is better than a peek-a-boo rug pad.