Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crash Tested

I've been spending time this week on a deep clean of the house. Really getting the baseboards, under the beds, all those annoying spots that no one wants to do.
I also tried a couple of those tricks on pinterest that you always "pin" but never really get around to...

1. Cleaning the tub with vinegar and Dawn. That's good stuff people. Two things to know: buy a thick spray bottle or let the vinegar cool down before pouring in. I may have melted a flimsy bottle. And open a window. Or five. And all your doors. I cleaned both tubs. Frida and I had to go outside for a while. Regardless, my tubs look brand new.

2. Maybe I was expecting a volcano type eruption, but I wasn't impressed. I am sure it did what it was supposed to do... I use my disposal all the time, and this got rid of a faint lingering smell. So yay.

3. Not too shabby! I just bought new pillows for my bed... I've been on a year long search for the perfect pillow. And possibly found them.
So I threw the guest pillows in there for a few minutes. A. It's Loud. B. It's Loud. But they for sure fluffed up! I covered the two tennis balls in socks first.. I read that somewhere. Do that so the color won't bleed on your pillows.

Ok.. There you go. Tested just for you! Not really... I did these totally selfishly. Go forth at your own risk. And have a happy Thursday!

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