Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little pick-me-up.

In my book, there's not much better than a quick pick-me-up around the house to make me happy. Well, quick and inexpensive.
While there are several projects that need to be finished around here, one stood out as a super easy one to start and finish fast.. the outside dining chairs.
I have had the table since college; it was actually my first dining table. The chairs were handed to me over my fence by my favorite backdoor neighbor when I moved in. He was cleaning out a storage room. I needed chairs.
The chairs got a couple of coats of green spray paint and a covering of this bright Mexican floral oilcloth, which over almost four years has cracked and torn.

Pretty, huh? But replacement time it is.....
We are going with this black Otomi pattern that reminds me of San Miguel. It's going to be the perfect pop for the backyard, while being dark enough not to get dirty.
And it's only $6.70 a yard.
Here are a few other patterns and colors I was checking out.

I really love this color, but I just wanted a bigger contrast of what I had before.

Seriously considering for the Adirondack chairs... who can sew me some pillows out of oilcloth??
Pretty please??

I love using oilcloth outside. My fabrics are completely open to the elements so they have to be way more durable than just an "outside fabric". It is also a great way to brighten up a yard or patio area.  
Check out the website here... Photos of the project to come soon!

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  1. I can sew pillows... I can even sew a zipper in them! :)