Friday, July 20, 2012

Fine Art Friday

There was a time, many lives ago when I would get dressed up and go to Art openings on Friday nights. There was a big group in Memphis that did this, and we had a blast-- drinking free wine, getting cultured and meeting fun new people.
Greenwood gets that opportunity tomorrow night, and I cannot be more excited (and not just for the free wine). Gallery Point Leflore is hosting two extremely talented painters, one of whom is a dear friend. I am a super- fan of her work and you should be too.

{A Shady Spot}

{Barn in Schlater}


Come and see... and buy!

Tommy Goodman- Shawn Hodges Show
Opening Reception
Saturday July 21st 5:30- 7:30

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  1. I've been seeing all of their posts on FB. Such great stuff!! Might have to stop by next time we're in town. Looking like early October for reunion festivities.