Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Vineyard

I haven't been a complete slacker lately and just not posting... I have secretly been on a long awaited vacation.
And what a vacation it was.
5 of my college best friends (we were missing a couple) and I flew up north for a little jaunt in Martha's Vineyard.
Yes, it's ok to drool. It was as amazing as it sounds.
6 girls already in the depths of 90 degree southern temperatures... and needing a break from reality.. all of a sudden in the swankiness of "the vineyard".
Dancing all night, coffee in bed in the morning, champagne in the bathtub in the afternoon, lobsters for lunch.
And we were all ok with that.  
So here is the PG version of our week in pictures....

The home of our gracious host, Uncle Dudley.

The Gingerbread houses in Oak Bluff

The first taste of heaven

Chocolates from Chilmark Chocolates...
That my father's dog ate when I returned.

Faulkner gets bourbon bottles, Belushi got wine.

The designer in me was dying.

The anchor andirons wouldn't fit in my suitcase.


Saying goodbye our last night.

I am a very blessed girl to have some of the best friends
and to go to one of the most beautiful places.
I'm ready for next year!  


  1. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to get to Greenwood in July and catch up... I want to hear all about your Vineyard adventure!

    P.S. Chilmark Chocolates are the best! (and Belushi's grave is just a few houses down from my aunt's place)

  2. This is MY dream home in photos! I LOVE everything! It looks like you had an amazing trip!

    And I'm so glad Mary linked to your blog on her post, I didn't know you had one, and will be reading from now on :}

    Take care!