Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top 5 Thursday

Here are just some things that are making me smile...

The sitting area in my office. I'm done!
I love this chair. It has been in storage since I got it from The Help set.

Doesn't this dress just scream my name?
I can't find where to get it.. or imagine where I would wear it, but I would come up with something!

This could be the best candle ever made.
It is the "house scent" of Flight, my dear friend Lauren's husband's restaurant in Memphis.
A. You should go there just for the food experience.
B. Notice the smell when you walk in. Seriously. I am not one to mix candles with food smells, but this works perfectly.
I need more.. it should be the "house scent" over here!

In my dream house, this would work perfectly.
The rich leather, the mustardy color, the contrast with the white walls.
I love this.

The Color Run.
If you are going to run 3 miles, shouldn't you have paint thrown at you?
This looks like so much fun.
I am totally in.

Have a wonderful day!
I'm having dinner with my girls tonight and am super pumped.
Whoop whoop!

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