Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sip and See

Last night, we threw a Sip and See for our friends to visit with our newest girl, Lucy.
The little lady of honor is celebrating her 9 week birthday today and was an angel while being passed around and loved on while we all snacked and sipped.

Some of the delicious food. Anti- pasto skewers,
Gorganzola, Fig and Proscuitto flatbread,
Tomato cups, Fruit,
and Laura Merrills iced brownies

When the new mother has one request... jello shots,
we decided to class it up a bit.
This is how to do a jello shot.

The house cocktail around here is a daffodil-
champagne and pineapple juice over Sonic ice in a julep cup.

Yard flowers.

And the reason we were all together...
Sweet Lucy.

She partied until the very end, and we had a blast.
Definitely a great reason to celebrate!


  1. Ya'll always do it up right! Such a beautiful party!!!

  2. such a nice party for a special little girl!

  3. Jello shots in strawberries? Daffodil Champagne? I need to get to Greenwood soon... Miss you guys!

    P.S. Lucy is precious!