Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A. Hays Town

Whoops! I know I said I would be back yesterday, but (real) writing has been keeping me busy. So I am leaving you with some beautiful pictures of the architecture of A. Hays Town. (Note: Hint of what I'm writing about)

Source: google.com via MaryNeff on Pinterest
Aren't they lovely? I love his style, the dark shutters, the brick.
I think I even read somewhere that he was so detail oriented, he would recommend a certain kind of dog to the homeowners.
I'm thinking Springer Spaniel.


  1. German shepards. He was involved in picking wall color, usually off whites to provide a neutral backdrop for the paintings he would recommend. Drapes, furniture and rugs also recommended by Mr. Town would complete the look of his comfortable, well lived in homes. The landscaping, my favorite, around the home and in the courtyards now have had 20 years to mature allowing us to appreciate the precise placement of windows, doors and porchs. A great artist!

  2. These are beautiful!

    And if you do decide on Springer Spaniel, and need any further real life inspiration, I have a black and white one that goes by the name Dodger that I will let you borrow indefinitely :} She's a piece of work herself!