Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dream House: Black Panes

I think a lot about my dream house. It's not a mansion overlooking some body of water. It's actually a normal house not too far from the one I live in now. I have never been inside...actually I am a little afraid to in case I will be disappointed. But in my head, there are a thousand things I would do with it. Painted brick exterior, new kitchen and baths. I know the backyard though.. I walk by it every morning, and it is filled with hydrangeas and other gorgeous things.
And though it makes me sound like a house- stalker, I can see the back of the house, with a glassed in sunroom, and this is what I imagine...

Oh how I love black paned windows and doors! And the style suits the house perfectly.
Let's look at more...

See, she looks so happy with her black paned french doors.

Source: via MaryNeff on Pinterest

I have no desire for a pool unless it came with its own pool boy, but this one would look pretty phenomenal in that back yard.

Crack. With a Stocked Bar. Please and Thank you.

Source: via MaryNeff on Pinterest

Pretty sure I could get away with painting the interior doors black too.

A kitchen even I would love to cook in. Or just sit on the counter with a glass of wine.

Ahhhh. A girl can dream, right?


  1. A kitchen is a place where sumptuous meals are prepared, and having a big window, overlooking your beautiful garden, can make food preparation more delightful. It is really essential that it is well organized, complete with kitchen utensils, and beautifully designed in order for the homemaker/cook to be inspired to create/experiment with recipes that family members can surely enjoy.

  2. I’d love to have a pool like that! I am trying to picture your plans of renovating your home and I must say, I like your ideas too. I look forward to seeing how your home will look after you finish fixing stuff in it. I hope that it looks like your dream home!

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