Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress Report: Guest Bath

Didn't you hate getting progress reports in school? Like you weren't going to get in enough trouble when the actual report card came out, they wanted you to STAY grounded.
This progress report is not so bad.. I still have some more work: a new faucet, paint or stencil the walls, possibly paint the cabinet. 
Epoxy Painting the tile was time consuming and sticky. But Laura Merrill whipped up the shower curtain in under 5 minutes. Kind of a wiz on the sewing machine.
Overall, I'm pretty pumped. And that fabric makes me real happy.

PS.. Laura Merrill is also pretty fab in the kitchen. Lucky for me since I am not.
She is giving away one of my favorite cookbooks today on her blog.
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  1. Definitely new faucet. I vote paint the wall. Looking great!