Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Love the Delta.

Sometimes when I need a shot of inspiration.. it just takes the tiniest thing around my house to fix it. I think that's truely what your home should be about... those little details. The little spots of things you love and what make you happy.
I just needed that today. Here's a few from around my house.

My sista in law visited my favorite crazy store in Greenwood last summer and picked up this little dude to remind me to be happy. Works every day.

The pitchfork is another gem from that trip.With the San Miguel de Allende heart, it's the perfect contast.

Some of my favorite glass ..  very modern with a twist of traditional from an antique plate.

Pieces from The Help set design department. They brighten up my office.

I've always been obsessed with paperweights. They are scattered about my house and always make me smile. That lamp was one of my favorite gifts from my mom. During the day, with the backdrop of crepe myrtles, it seems to have been made for that space.

Clash of traditional and coastal.
Delta and Beach. 
Putting these two together were a no- brainer.  

Once a set, only the female foo- dog remains after a painting crashed off the mantle. Since she was such a badass (duh, she's the woman) she gets her own glass case now.

Another favorite from the movie, a tiny ashtray.. love the pattern with the new chair and an old belt of my mother's as jewelry for a garden stool.

You all know I am cracked out on books. If you don't... please see above, they are in most photos. You can NEVER have too many. This glass vase gets to sit by itself... a "happy" from my friend Kristen who's always gives such fabulous gifts.

Honestly, this post is more for me than it is for you.
I heard/ saw/ killed a roach the size of a small cat in my pantry last night and in turn threw ALL my food away. All of it. I have no sugar, flour, random asian rice wraps. And then sat on top of my counter with a glass of bourbon because I didn't want to touch the ground.

Gotta look at the pretty things now.
And keep telling myself, "I love the Delta".

Roaches and all.


  1. I feel for you with the roaches... We found a HUGE one on our bedroom wall the other night - I actually spotted it in the dark. When Matt asked me to flip on the light so he could see it to kill it, I almost stepped on another GIANT one on the floor... Folks up here call them "tree bugs"... that's just a fancy name for prehistoric size roaches - and these suckers FLY! You need to teach Frida to hunt & kill them. Tatertot only has the hunting part down. I'll find him with one where he's flipped it on it's back. Then he expects me to kill it.

    I love the South... but I hate the damn bugs.

  2. GREAT post!! I too am freakishly afraid of roaches....probably moreso than mice! My mom once told me that a 3 inch+ roach got in my crib when I was a baby....that much explain! Yes, gotta love the Delta...roaches and all!

    P.S. I still haven't forgotten about trying to get together with you on a few house ideas I have....where the hell does the time go? Insane!

    Talk to you soon!