Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Delta Girl's Day Trip

I remember the first time my friend Lauren and I were allowed out on the road for a day trip. Lauren must have just turned 15, and I was the lowly 14 year old passenger, though the much better driver. We set off for lunch and shopping in Cleveland and at McCarty in Merigold. 
We were so excited. I was playing DJ.. probably rocking out the Indigo Girls... and we were "discussing" our previous Friday night out. Right before we got to Boyle, Mississippi, I turned down the music to ask L, "What's up with that helicopter? It sounds like it is right over us." You all know what happened next...
Blow Out.
Major, tire ripped to shreds, blow out. And two girls who were taught, mind you, to change a tire, but had absolutely no idea how to do it.

Day trips are always eventful.
Yesterday was a lot less tragic but just as memorable.
I love a trip to Merigold, period. Driving through the town, the visitor might be a bit nervous. One might not know such treasures exist in this little town. Eating at the Gallery is the most perfect, ladylike, delicious luncheon. With beautiful tapestries on the walls and huge pieces of pottery... the best way of taking it in all before the big shopping extravaganza.
Delta girls were raised on this. The whole experience. From being a little girl with your mother and grandmother to day trips in high school to taking your new friends from other parts of the state in college. Selecting the perfect piece for your collection. Spending time with the women in your life (Say all you want, the men just don't enjoy it as much). Devouring the most wonderful combination of chocolate and caramel cobblers.

My mother and I always stop at the front door. We love the insect gallery wall.

 Silver, porcelain, antiques and tapestries. Popped with huge pieces of jade pottery.. gorgeous.

Summer lunch. Chicken salad, green beans, Merigold tomatoes, and cornbread.

Cobbler a la mode.

Madonnas and Angels.
A traditional mother's day or new mother's gift.

These tiny pieces are the death of me.
I want tons of them.

Hidden in the shelves are great pieces of art the McCarty's have collected.

What we "said" we were going for... wind chimes.
(We got platters.)
Love these in front of a home.
Mine included.

The unique pieces with glass melted in are the best.

The gardens behind the shop have the prettiest little treasures.

Breathtaking, huh?
Makes it hard to focus on shopping.  

That's how we do a day trip.
A great Mother/ Daughter day.
Though we were missing my Mia.

And Lauren.
She loves a good trip to Merigold.

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  1. this made me smile!!! wish i could have joined yall...know lauren would have wanted to come along!! shannon