Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday

Weeeeee! I can't remember the last time I had a Tuesday off with nothing to do!
Wait. I have to finish painting my bathroom, get my taxes together, wash sheets, plant flowers, go to a meeting. ...
Oh, and then have Oysters and Champagne with my friends for dinner.
I'll survive.

I haven't done a top- 5 Tuesday in a while, so here goes....

I love tie-dye. I think it comes from my hippie phase in the late nineties. So this whole ombre thing is right up my ally. I even like the ombre hair... but would settle for 4 tablecloths in red. And a good Grateful Dead jam session.

I think these are hanging from something .. but these bottles could easily be attached to the fence like my candle bottles. I would love a whole fence- full of flowers!

Speaking of flowers... my parents built me a patio for my birthday a year ago and put in 4 knock- out rose bushes. I got my first blooms this week, and they are Beautiful!!
And Speaking of my parents.... today is their 41st wedding anniversary. Happy Happy Day. Y'all are awesome.
I'm calling the upholsterer today. Just to see if we can work with the 5 yards of fabric I found. I also have an idea of another option but keep your fingers crossed! I'm ready to get this bad boy finished! Cause truthfully, this is not a good look in my living room.

SO. For lent I have taken up running. I ran my first mile last week. Like, ever in my life. I always got out of that "mandatory" track meet at dear ole WS. But then I ran another mile and a half. I haven't gotten up to three, but that's the plan by Easter.
Coming home, the sun was rising on my street, there was the perfect breeze, my dog was with me and I just had to stop and smile. Ironically, I found this quote that morning after my run and thought it was perfect.
I realize that I am happy.
That's good stuff people. I hope you do too.
Have a great Tuesday.



  1. Love your top 5 - especially the running part! Nothing like it.

  2. those hanging bottles are gorgeous! they would be perfect for a garden party. SO glad i found your blog! xo