Friday, March 9, 2012

I need your help...

Big News.
I found the fabric for my chair. For real, this time. I thought I found it and brought a swatch home, only to pull it out of my bag and realize that the flipside was absolute perfection.
Side 1:
 Side 2:

Now, the reason I would go with side two is this. I have a very very red oriental rug. And a red chair that you see above under the fabric. Duh, I have a teal sofa, but I really think going with the more teal side is the best bet.

Of course, there is a small problem, but that's where you dear readers come in. There are only 5 yards at the store in Oxford... and I need 7. I am ordering the 5 existing because they are on super- sale. Have you ever seen this fabric before? Do you know where to find it? Please tell me; I will be your best friend forever!


  1. Do you know the manufacturer/brand? Because I can probably hunt it down for you on the web.

  2. They call it coral reef, but the store doesnt know the brand!! Dying! But.. I did just order the 5 yards!