Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I slept in today. And while I should be drying my hair and getting dressed.. I am instead playing on pinterest... and being very critical. It's kind of one of those "stream of consiousness" days, so here goes...

I think this shelving is beautiful. I would not have it in my kitchen because of my incredible OCD, but I would love it as bookshelves. Maybe in the kitchen if it were for things other than styrofoam cups. I can't look at that.

I love antlers and deer heads. Love them. I especially love these dark wooden ones. I would take points off for being fake, but they are so beautifully done.
Also, I love that the violin is in the shelves.. like my ukeulele, which I find is more "art" that "instrument".

Mexican Street Corn is the bomb- diggity.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

They found out about the sparkle party.

Contemplating a shower curtain like this for the guest bath. Or the master. I'm a fan. I also love the door frame. Ahhhhh.

I would love sconces like this for the sofa area in my kitchen. But not in white. And don't say paint them... I thought of that, but they are out of stock. Bummer.

I dyed my hair this color Tuesday, and I LOVE it. And I desparately need to go dry it and go to work.

I would take up cross-stitching for the sole purpose to do these Beastie Boys lyrics.

Happy Thursday Folks, that is all...

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