Monday, February 13, 2012

Dumpster Chair

I love this chair.

I found it sitting by a dumpster when I lived in Columbus. I felt that its proximity to the dumpster made it fair game, so I took it upstairs to make it my own.
You know I have been on a big fabric kick lately, but I have mostly been looking to recover a larger chair for my living room. I found the fabric. It was perfect. Except for the fact that there were only 2 yards... and I needed 7. And it's discontinued. And the company is closed.

I wanted that fabric. What could I use a yard or two for? Not pillows.. I have those planned out. Then I thought of my little dumpster chair. It needed some love. The arms and back were all bleached out and there were scratches all over. The seat was still the pleather that was on it when I found it.
I love an afternoon project.
First I used a combination of these two products. I didn't even sand before. I just karate kidded it... wipe on, wipe off. Easy Easy.

The arms still look a little worn, but the chair looks a lot more even. Then with my trustly staple gun.. which has seen it's last days I think... I attached the fabric to the seat.

And Done. I love the change! The fabric is the perfect sidekick to the teal sofa/ green lamps... still looks neutral but definitely belongs now.

{Sorry about the phone photos... I will replace with real ones asap!}

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