Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update #1: All but the Kitchen Sink

I was quoted in Leflore Illustrated, our newspaper's quarterly magazine, this past summer about something to do with updating your kitchen on a budget. I mentioned the easy way of just changing out your faucet. Not too expensive, but makes a big impact, right?
Then I realized I was a humongo hypocrite.
Mine looked like this..

Don't be distracted by the pretty flowers.
That faucet is Awful.
So thanks to my lovely grandparents.. I had this installed today!

HUGE difference.
Love the finish AND that pull down sprayer!
One question... do people actually use those soap dispensers?
I never have and find them very strange.


  1. They are such a PAIN in the A to re-fill. I filled mine once in the old house and then never used it again once it ran out.

  2. I used it a lot and then it broke. I think they break easily.

  3. yeah. my initial thought was not to use it! the new faucet looks really nice though!! :)