Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Does that title make you start whistling Guns and Roses? Bet you are now...

Because I am contantly changing my mind and I do not have a limitless budget, no room in my house is completely finished. I think this is because I am always looking for the Perfect piece... I don't want crap just to have it. I am trying to learn to be patient.
Saying that, I have been walking by a chair for weeks at the store, really loving it, but not sure why. Then it hit me that it might just be that perfect chair for my living room.

OK.. It looks a little pink and the photo is blurry, but it really is teal, green, red and gold.
And it is extremely comfortable.
I'm trying to talk the guys into delivering it to the house just to check it out.

Here it is with my red chair.. which will stay in the room.. and my Amanda Stone Talley fabric which will be made into a bolster for the sofa.

Completely worth the wait, don't you think??


  1. Please try explaining that to Johnston he is CONVINCED that the new pad has to be "done" ASAP and it's driving me IN-SANE.

    Also, LOVE the AT fabric. Am actually considering that and one other to recover J's antique recliner.

  2. Patience is a virtue - proven! Great chair.