Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Corral

Lists just work for me. I'm already checking things off my House To Do List Early 2012....
I knew I needed some sort of organization for my desk.. There were papers EVERYWHERE. No rhyme or reason to anything.. But there were no pennies in the budget for new trays... especiailly if I only wanted acrylic, snakeskin or something equally as fab.
That's where the half off $12 (still has price tag on the bottom) Pier One tray that I bought when I lived in Memphis.. 10 years ago.. comes in.

Surely I had a vision with this one.
I have no idea why I bought it,
or why it has made so many moves.

So I borrowed my little snake tray from my bathroom. I need something bigger, but it is just visiting for today.
But this guy is staying put. Just a little priming and sanding plus a few coats of my master bedroom color...

It is perfectly corralling my magazine work.
Plus a stray necklace.

Love a free project.

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