Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old Traditions and Modern Art

Around my Junior year in college, I met a girl down the street who really shared my interests. Mainly my interest in the Mississippi Magazine Wedding Register.
For two years, we would rush to Square Books when the issue came in and spend an entire day, maybe two...seriously, school?..... reading and critiquing. Our friends thought we were insane but would lovingly bring us Sonic drinks and laugh with us. When I moved to Memphis and Ellen stayed in Oxford, I would come back to visit just for this occasion. Greenwood and New Orleans is a little longer of a trek to get together.. so we improvise on the phone. For years, we would promise not to read or even look at pictures until we both had the issue in hand. Our weddings have both been in it.. and "our story" has even been mentioned in an issue by the editor. We now juggle homes and jobs and her super cute baby now..but we have a phone date in the near future.
Because this year is a really good one....
Go Blue Shoes!
Love the featured weddings and the new layouts.
And just sayin'.... it also has one of my favorite articles I have written.
If you can peel yourself away from gorgeous weddings,
flip over to page 170 for the home with the perfect mixture of 18th Century French antiques and amazing modern art. Check out that piece over the mantel: Andy Warhol. Seriously.

It took my breath away. Those to the right? Marc Chagalls.
Insane. The home was filled with Dalis, Picassos, and Lichtensteins.. just to name drop a little.  And a fabulous dog named Millie. You would think that it would be priceless and untouchable, but the wonderful family has made it perfectly lived in. I walked around for a while with my mouth open.
I wanted to move in.


  1. Can't wait to borrow my mom's copy. She and 10 of her best friends go to Seaside every year the weekend of MLK just so they can have their magazines in hand. Yes... MS Bridal magazines and cocktails all weekend long. It might have been part of the reason that I didn't put my wedding in there! :)

  2. I agree. This issue was pretty much amazing! I, like every other Mississippi girl, drool over this magazine yearly. Your tradition with your friend is a great one that I hope y'all continue for many years to come!