Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House List Early 2012

I love a list.
But for some reason, I have been flying by the seat of my pants lately. Without a list... not knowing what to do next. So Not Me.
I'm back though.. with my "House To- Do List Early 2012". Early, as in, by the end of March these things need to be done:

*Finish Office. This includes finding trays to organize my desk, painting and installing the chandelier, Getting artwork just right, and putting casters on my chair.
*Deciding on and purchasing chair for living room or recovering one I have. Have pillows made for sofa. I want that room finished.
*Do something with the guest bath. Something. I haven't nailed that down yet. But that room creeps me out.
*Fix Gas Logs... I haven't enjoyed a fire YET this year. Bummer.
*Get outside cleaned, decluttered, and pretty. Plant something!

Not a lot of stuff, mostly nit- picky details that I haven't found time to do. This is my Accountability check.
Hold me to it!

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