Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update #2: The Evolution of a Light

I've been on the hunt for a light fixture for my dining room for years. Since Labor Day of 2008, to be precise, when I moved in. To start with, the room was rocking a brass number way too high...

Also, I had no idea what I wanted in that room. Seriously.. how many blog posts have I done about chandeliers? So I simply spray painted the fixture black and called it a day.
For a few years. I'm a big fan of patiently waiting for the perfect thing. Most of the time. 

Finally, I bit the bullet.
My sister in law had bought/ found/ acquired a piece years ago that didn't work for her house and passed it on. And it sat in storage until I remembered its potential.

It too needed some paint, but I didn't want the finish too smooth. or too shiny. 
I hand- painted the fixture with matte gold craft paint so a little of the nickel peeked through.
For hours. With a little paint brush.
So worth it though... because I love the way it turned out.


  1. You are such an amazing decorator! And this light fixture is no exception! :) It turned out beyond gorgeous!!