Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

I love ya, Tomorrow! You're only a day away!!!!
(Picture me in the first grade, singing that in the dear ole WS talent show. It happened. And I was CUTE. Though I remember my aunt telling me I needed more arm guestures.)

The big weddin's getting super close, and we have all been in overdrive. It has been such fun getting the girls in town together to be crafty. Then I hole myself up and get my own work done. I work like a monk. Alone. While watching crap like Message in a Bottle. Really. It's the only way I can do it.
But, I'm so ready for the rehearsal dinner! I wish I could install Right Now.
Here's a little sneak peak at the flowers... I promise pictures of the real deal. Someone remind me to take my big girl camera? And then keep up with it?? Thank ya.

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