Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday. Yay.

Don't you love when  you forget you have something, then discover it at the most perfect time?
My brother and sister in law sent this to me last year for a Christmas present. I loved it, put it out all season, then carefully packed it up with all of my other holiday decorations.. and completely forgot about it.
It's probably my favorite thing this year...

And on an unrelated note, I swung by Indianola last night to visit with my best friend at an Art Party. A. That concept was awesome. Different artists brought their wares to one location and had a cocktail party. Greenwood, we need to do this.
B. I totally scored. (Thanks, Anna!!!)

I am extremely particular about what I drink my coffee out of in the morning.
This is really working out today.
Which I need in my life.
Especially if I keep coming home to this guy eating Sharpies on my bed.

I'm Out.
Enjoy your Friday.


  1. I can relate on the coffee cup - mine have to be white - at least inside. Happy weekend.

  2. I cannot believe he eats Sharpies. Normally it is just ink pens.