Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tis the Season

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's now officially...
Lord, Thanksgiving dinner was awesome. Seriously. I feel for you people who are stuck with turkey. Our hunting camp cook makes The. Best. Fried. Deer. Meat. EVER. It's the cutest when my 6 year old niece wants more for dessert. I don't blame her.. I did steal off her plate.
But after the ever eventful Christmas Card Extravaganza of (Enter Year Here.. they are all something else).. I booted myself back home to get to work.
Definitely not done (Too short to hang my disco balls. Miserable Fail).. but put a good dent in Holiday 2011 Decorating.

Of course, a little bourbon and ginger and some White Stripes/ Nirvana/ Bobby Bare Jr/ Bob Dylan. mix on the iTunes didn't hurt a bit. Niether did the fact that Tallulah fits in soooo well with my Christmas Decor. Thanks for joining the party, Girl.
I'm thinking disco balls and more deer heads. I have two spray painted in the carport as we speak.

PS.. I have decided the devil is living in my tree and cuts random lights out. See those two rows of darkness? Get Out Of My Tree, Satan!

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  1. This post cracked me up.

    We are moving into the downstairs of our house next weekend... and as I unpack I plan to decorate for Christmas. I have probably lost my mind (but I am 33 weeks preggo!!) but I think I can pull it off!