Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sneak Peek: Last Night

While most of you were out trick or treating... I spent last night searching my entire house for a flat head screwdriver. No kidding. I at least had a bourbon and ginger ale while doing so, but it was pretty lame. 2 hours of searching. 2 hours. If you were a flat head screwdriver, where would you be? Not in the box that says "Tools" in my laundry room. Not in the storage room. Oh yeah, in the drawer that I keep my office supplies (and other randomness) in. Duh.

I dorkily jumped up and down (not a lie) when I found it (actually two of them) and did a little "woooo whoooo!!!!" then set out to update this little baby for my office.

 The credenza didn't need much.. {as you remember from this post}.. but when I moved it to the opposite wall,it was covering up a floor vent. So my dad made and sent these great feet to get it off the ground..  

And a dash of gold to the pulls to brighten them up...




{Seashells to remind me of the beach}

{Me in my Rosiland Wilcox painting}

My office is really coming along. I am finally feeling inspired to fix it up! Don't you hate when you aren't "feeling" it? Hopefully more to show soon.

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