Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Found: Dream Kitchen

Kitchens are awesome in general. The whole mess about people gathering in the kitchen... all true stuff. Plus, food lives in the kitchen, and I love food.
I am completely happy with my kitchen remodel, done almost 3 years ago. I love the colors, the layout, the concrete countertops, the sofa, the massive refrigerator... It is an extremely happy place for me.
I love daydreaming about kitchens I might have for myself or design for others one day.. marble countertops, duel ovens, walk in/ organized pantries...
but I have never been knocked out impressed by a photo of a kitchen until the Dec/ Jan issue of House Beautiful.
This is a little out of the ordinary, but I do believe it is my dream kitchen:

This is against every thing I thought I wanted in a kitchen, aesthetically, but I am in love with it. I love the one floating shelf (wouldn't that be gorgeous with a row of big fishing weights?).. but even more so all the closed storage. The Eames chairs look comfortable to sit in for hours. And Slate countertops? Done. With an open floor plan, I would have a cozy living area to the right and the dining room with my Mia's Danish dining table nearby.
Calm and Rowdy all at the same time.
What is wild is that it is perfect for my mid- century ranch dream house down the street (that I have never been in, by the way, but will own one day).

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