Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review

Because sometimes I need a little "happy", and I had not bought a design book in forever...
I picked this up at Turnrow a few weeks ago...
I flipped through it that afternoon, but I had not had a second to really sit down with it until yesterday.
{Thank you, time change!}
A. It's realistic. Even if I don't have a 500 square foot apt in NYC or a 5000 square foot house in Colorado, I am inspired by these spaces. It's all about being creative, folks.
B. The Before and Afters are AWESOME.
I need more time in my day to paint furniture.
C. Everyone loves an acrylic table.
D. I am making a terrarium.

Great sectional, but pops of pink are my favorite!

{ok.. this is when I got lazy and just took photos of the book with my camera. sorry.}

That tile is beautiful.. and would love that door!

Nothing like a well done built- in.
I want that tiny little library sconce.

Gold chair, duh.
Even better? Those door pulls.

I don't think suzanis ever go out of style.
I would love this in an outside room...

Fabric on walls.
To match the seats.
Definitely not overkill.

New Love= Cane

It's happening.

I'm not even through with the book yet...