Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

I love Tuesdays off. I would love Saturdays off more. Hell, I would love to just work out of my home. But regardless, a Tuesday off is good stuff.
Heading to the big town of Greenville today... to shop and eat and hang out with my grandparents and parents... and my dads crazy ass dog.
Other than that fabulous day- trip... here are 5 things making me happy this week.

New Stationary. It's like the first day of school and you get to open that new pack of paper. New stationary makes me want to write thank you notes. Seriously. My mother totally hooked me up with her cool chevron stripe.. and can you stand the font on embossed? Love it.

It's that time of year when I cut the AC off and refuse to turn the heat on. Not that we need either today, but I can't stand to be chilly in my own house.
Luckily, I have a 104 year old great grandmother who rocks out these gorgeous afghans. (Maybe not anymore, but I have a huge basketful) This is my newest one that I am completely in love with, given to me by my grandmother's sister.  

In less than a week, I will be here! While I am already planning for complete exhaustion, I am PUMPED. Love this quote from Dwell.com, "Serious retail home furnishings buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist."

I know I have been talking/ obsessing about monograms lately. And while I am definitely more hippie than prep, I am in loooooove with this sweater and the monogram placement. I'm taking a sweater today to have it done. I'm not totally sure about color choice yet, so we will see what happens!

Also on my long list of things to do in Greenville today... Go by my container and raid it for office accessories. These beautiful gems were from The Help. Not used anywhere that I remember, but bought by the set dec department and then by me.
My container might be today's best shopping ever.

Have a great day!

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