Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lightening Up: Dining Room Edition

I realized that I never showed my dining room with it's new paint color. This room is definately a more drastic change since it went from Livingston Gold to Papaya..
Exciting, right? Love how it turned out....

Papaya really is a great color, and I would highly recommend it. It changes throughout the day from cream to a light gold to an off white. I cannot tell you the HUGE difference lightening up has made to the house... it seems bigger and newer and more feminine all in one.

{Sidenote: I almost had that .. "I'm Finished!" moment in the dining room that NEVER happens, until I realized I still need a new light fixture/ existing one lowered and that buffet is too small or needs to be painted.Uggg. My work is never done.}


  1. Love the lighter paint. I want to paint my buffet too - now I am inspired.

  2. It looks incredible! Good change. Paint your buffet a red/orange!