Thursday, October 20, 2011

65 days...

Can you believe it? I still think it should be July, but there are 65 days until Christmas. I know this because I went to Paul Micheals and bought more ornaments for my tree. Paul Micheals always reminds me that Christmas is coming. Usually in September, when they start decorating.
I would like a white tree this year, by the way.
Probably not going to happen.
But if it did, it would be awesome.

Like this, but with disco balls.

Do you hate me for bringing up Christmas already??
Ready or not, here it comes.


  1. I am aware of how close Christmas is because Baby Chamblee is due only 3 weeks later! Crazy how time is flying by.

    I need to make a Paul Michael's run... haven't been in a couple of years!

  2. hahaha i love that you are counting down. although once December hits that means my boyfriend is only home for 3 more months :( :(