Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

Back into the rotation....
Top 5 Tuesdays!
Here are the things that are making me smile this week....

This is a copy of the oil painting that hangs in my granddaddy's office. His cousin painted it of Mary Jane, who lived on their land. I spent a lot of time in my grandfather's chair looking at this painting. I love walking in my back door and seeing it now.
Just a tiny hint of whats to come in my office. It's going to be awesome. My desk is huge.. I'm pretty sure I could dance on it.

Stacks of paint chips in my Vietri bowl for an art project. It is taking a lot of my patience but will be supercool when finished.

Half dozen raw with an ice cold beer in my swimsuit overlooking the Gulf with one of my best friends.

And just because... Frida's latest photo shoot. Such a poser.

Heading to Starkville for a project today! Have a great one...

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