Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Ready, Monday

Deeeeeeep Breath.....
And I'm back! Sorry for the complete drop off the face of the earth last week (and kinda the week before). I am now refreshed and ready to go, with a mile long to- do list to prove it.
Can I hire an intern? Not kidding.
I have pictures and projects and even a guest blogger this week. But Monday just gets a little "pretty"... my run got rained on this morning and the sky now looks like the color of these walls. Beautiful.

Doesn't this room just scream French Quarter? Like you know the light is coming from opened french doors to a courtyard filled with jasmine and gardenias? Where the owner is sitting at the perfect iron table enjoying a Pimm's cup? No, Just me? Anyway. I Love it. I think the contrast of the rough and glamorous is dead on.

PS. the rain didn't stop me too much... Pandora gave me Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah so I kept going. Did anyone see the version on the Emmy's last night?
I think that might be my favorite song.

Have a fabulous day.
I'm going to kick Monday in the face.
In a nice, ladylike way. 

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