Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been doing a lot of semi- permenent changes around the house.. by that I mean, things I can take with me when I move {Not anytime soon!!!} like furniture. There are so many things I have done to help the re- sale value in the past... a new roof, kitchen, bath, etc. One room I haven't touched {nor have you ever seen on this blog} is my guest bath.
Because it is gross.
For Reals.
I don't want to/ can't spend too much money on this room, but I want a lovely, clean, interesting space for my guests when they come to visit.

One thing on my list is to do something... ANYTHING to not see/ get rid of the linoleum floors. They are blue... the same ones who once graced my kitchen... and I hate them.
I am considering these cork penny tiles...

Has anyone used these before? I found a great step- by- step here.. and I am pretty sure I could handle it. I definetely like the darker grout {for me} as opposed to the white.
Especially from those of you who have seen my guest bathroom???

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  1. Girl, I didn't even notice the blue tile when we stayed with you! But I do love this penny tile... I actually prefer the white grout to the dark, but reality tells me that would be a bitch to keep clean.