Friday, August 26, 2011

Whoomp There It Is...

These are things I like... Waking up at dark and walking with Frida in the pitch black with Pandora on my Snoop Dogg station. Snoop rarely disappoints; in fact, this morning, we had a early 90's rap montage that included your favorite and mine,
Tag Team's Whoomp There It Is.
Yes, I was singing while running down Grand Blvd. Judging? I Don't Care. I was reliving 8th grade. Good Stuff. And Frida LOVED it.
Another thing I like... Finding this picture on Pinterest and thinking to send it to my Dad with the subject "Can We Do This?"

And getting the simple response of "Yes."
{My Dad ROCKS, but is sometimes a man of few words}

Fast Forward a few days, and I get the text, "Heading to Greenwood".
Um, Awesome. But Why?
Oh, To Do This:

Whoomp. There it is.
{K.. It's all for your Par-tay tonight!!!}
And Thank you, Pinterest Addiction, for allowing me to find that picture!


  1. Uhm, sooo jealous because I true LOVED this idea! You did something different though - used corks it looks like - can you share the deets on the hows and whys??

  2. Love some Snoop. Ha.

    And what a sweet dad. Your project turned out great!

  3. Oh wow... I think your dad needs to adopt another daughter. Think he would be willing to drive the 4 hours to Little Rock???

  4. I love those! Give me the details please!