Monday, August 1, 2011

Old House Depot

Last Wednesday, I ventured down to Jackson for a photo shoot/ interview for Mississippi Magazine. And then, luckily, got to use that as an excuse for a play day. My fabulous friend Kristen, who is getting married in a few short weeks, and I had a delicious lunch at Parlor Market.. which I HIGHLY recommend. I do not recommend driving the wrong way down one way streets in downtown Jackson though. The police frown upon that. But Pimiento Cheese? Yes. And the Catfish Tacos.
Lunch was awesome, but took Kristen's full hour, so at her request I went to Old House Depot to look for a mirror. I forgot how much I loooooooove that place. No mirror on this trip, but So much great fun stuff...
Obviously look like they came from a chinese restaurant, but would be such a great pop of color if you framed a few and hung in a grid. My sister in law would LOVE these.
I loved this.. the shape and the color.
Hanging over an kitchen island?  

A "pastor's chair". Glossy white with purple velvet.
Someone needs this because it's just THAT awesome.
And only $150.
Desk chair possibility????
Ooooo. Fishing weights. For Reals ones.. washed up on the Oregon shore. You know I have been loving these for a while. I have a few small ones, but these are BIG. And $50 a pop. I need three. I seriously considered this.. but had to prioritize and they lost out.
He would be a great new pet. I tried to get a friend of mine to buy it for her dress shop. She might have thought I was crazy.. but I think she considered it.

Don't ask. I think she's cool. Would she work in your backyard?
I have no idea why I love this.. I can just imagine the sound of it slamming and that makes me happy.


  1. This place looks amazing! Matt and I must make a detour to Jackson the next time we come visit.