Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Case of the Wants: Rethinking a Wrist

My mother has always worn 3 gold bangles on her right wrist. She taught one of my favorite friends, Traci, in the 5th grade who still has flashbacks of the noise my mother made while writing on the chalk board. She loves it.
I have for years rocked out on my left wrist my watch, the bangle my sister- in- law gave me when I got married, and my charm bracelet (which this blog was named for!). Lately I have been considering adding on to that wrist....
Because isn't this awesome?

Source: etsy.com via MaryNeff on Pinterest

{Amy Bell, This is calling your name!! I will be the first to order if you rock out a gold/ friendship bracelet!}

Leather. A must have... or a snakeskin...

Color and Mixed metals.

This is one of those times where More is More.
I can't decide whether to go shopping or to start braiding string.
Have a fabulous Tuesday! I have the day off...
and my mom is coming to play!

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  1. Girl, I'm one step ahead of you! I've got the ladder wrap bracelet that comes in gold or silver. It can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78954995/the-ladder-studded-wrap-bracelet

    I've recently made some in red with silver beads, and turquoise with brass beads and orange thread. I'm going to snap some shots of them later this week and get them up in the store.

    I've wanted to work on making one similar to the third photo down, but I've got to find some quality curb link chain. Loving the bangle trend!!!